Vi har pratet med…Olavs Menn!

Sesongen 2017 er rundt hjørnet og vi har som tidligere år sendt ut noen spørsmål til de forskjellige lagene. Siste laget ut i denne omgang er Olavs Menn og deres Hovedtrener Travis Cornwell. Han svarer oss naturlig nok på engelsk, og svarene finner du her!


Har dere har noen nye spennende spillere tilflyttede eller i fra egen stall som kommer opp i fra årsklasser under?

We don’t have any younger players joining our senior squad this season, but our RB, Joacim Junhov-Rindberg has taken over the QB role and had done a fantastic job in the off-season. It’s going to be really exciting to watch him lead the offense this year.


Målsetting for årets sesong med laget..?
Our goal is to compete for the top spot in the division.  Simple as that.


Og tanker om motstanderne deres i inneværende sesong..?

The division should be quite competitive this season. We’re ready to take on all challengers.


Planlegger dere å ha importer (spillere og/eller trenere) i år?

Technically we have had an import for the past two seasons. Our starting LT, Jimmy Ericson,
has been listed as an import player due to the fact that he lives and works in Strømstad. Fortunately for us, Jimmy hasn’t yet demanded a salary, so he’s turned out to be a very cheap “professional” player.


Hvor er dere i forberedelsene til sesongen 2017?

We completed a two-day camp together with the Oslo Vikings at the end of January. We have a better idea now of what we need to work on in the preseason. There’s a chance we may have a full scrimmage in March, but the details still haven’t been ironed out yet. All in all, our progress is coming along nicely and the guys are really looking forward to game day.



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